Dark Mode will finally see the light in iOS 13

The Dark Mode option has been the hot topic when it comes to the most wanted features in iOS sphere, we’ve been expecting Apple to include it since forever and

Latest Samsung video is taking shot at Apple’s old and new iPhones

Samsung, when it comes to marketing, is always going after Apple, either for the attention or to bash one of Apple’s products for the sake of making theirs superior. In

iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Got a Demo Video And This Time We Are Hopeful!

  The era of jailbreaking is starting to fall off, not literally but we continue to see the lack of release of new jailbreak tools for the latest iOS versions,

How To Speed Up Safari Browsing in iOS 11

Although there are many web brower applications on the App Store, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari is the go-to browser for most of iOS users, default and 3rd-party apps rely

iPhone X and the iPad Pros took the award of Display Industry

One of the main parts of a mobile device’s hardware is the display, and Apple company is ahead of its time when it comes to displays, bringing the latest and

Tweakend 06: The best new tweak of the week

We are back with some new tweaks of the week to be able to customize your device in different ways. Stock iOS, to some extent, is always boring, our only

Tweakend 05: The best new tweak of the week

Tweak developers continue to bless us with new tweak during the week, although the excitement has been missing among the jailbreak community, the lack of jailbreaking was never been a

iOS 11.3 has been Jailbroken [Jailbreak News]

There is not much of hype around jailbreaking in 2018, we have only one tool, Electra, which is limited for iOS 11 up to iOS 11.1.2, and the tool is

iPhone SE 2 with redesigned glass back and headphone jack showcased in pictures

Discussions about the new iPhone SE 2 have been getting a lot of attention recently, questions whether Apple will continue with the small-sized iPhones still obscure, but rumors are there

Tasks Manager App by Google hits the App Store

Many To-Do Apps have been cluttering the App Store, and Google joined this wave by releasing their own Task Manager App, named Google Tasks. The App comes with a clean